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Light A Sparkle With Earnest Benevolence

Like a candelabra with many branches, each branch holding a beacon of light, signifying HOPE, LASWEB has crossed three decades of an empirical and remarkable journey in the Service of Humankind. With diversifications such as Legal Aid Clinics, Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers, Family Counseling Centers, A Pacemaker Bank… other words, a commitment towards making life easier for the common, and, maybe, not so common, person in distress, LASWEB has come a long way.

The six weeks’ Certificate Course soon metamorphosed into a Year-long Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Counseling. Our students are trained to be helpful without being patronizing. Empathy is the mantra to follow when interacting with people in distress, which bring us to ….

Our latest mission, “I Am Not Alone….Care for the Elderly”. A much-neglected section of the population, more often than not languishing (check out the word Anguish in the midst of languishing, which perfectly describes their torment) in the twilight of their lives and beseeching the Grim Reaper to end their woes, our earnest endeavor is aimed towards a wholesome fusion of health, peace of mind and happiness of Senior Citizens and their absorption into the mainstream of Life.

Ours is a plea to help us achieve our goals towards helping the ignored and deprived segments of society. As clarified above, in the acronym LASWEB, please light a sparkle with your earnest benevolence. Believe us, the sparkle will also be reflected in your life.

To raise funds for our ambitious programmes, we shall bring out a Souvenir to commemorate the Foundation day of Legal Aid Services West Bengal. Your kind cooperation and support can help us realize our goals. The tasks that we have taken up are gigantic and we require voluntary contributions from as many people as possible. Besides making voluntary donations, you can also book space and/or place advertisements in our Souvenir, the details of which are furnished below:

Space Donation
Back Cover Rs. 25,000/-
Inside 2nd Cover Rs. 20,000/-
Inside 3rd Cover Rs. 20,000/-
Complementary Rs. 15,000/-
Special Full Page Rs. 10,000/-
Full Page Rs. 5,000/-
Half Page Rs. 3,000/-
Quarter Page Rs. 1,000/-
Front Page Rs. 50,000/-

You can also reserve one full page:

Purpose Donation
For Sponsoring Legal Aid Clinic Rs.50,000/-
For Sponsoring Family Counsellor’s Training Course for One Week Rs. 25,000/-
Adoption of ten elderly citizen under Scheme “I Am Not Alone …Care for the Elderly” Rs. 50,000/-

Size of Souvenir: 25.5 cm X 19 cm

Print Area: 21.5 cm X 15 cm


All donations are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Donations can be sent through:

  • Cheque – issued in favor of ‘Legal Aid Services – West Bengal
  • Cash – deposited at our Central Office
  • Bank Transfer – using the details provided under ‘You Can Help’


If you intend to have some content published in the space booked by you, kindly send the same to our Central Office or email it to

Do send your donations and content within the 20th of March, 2018 so that we can publish the Souvenir in good time.

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