Benefit of the Course

PGDCC is designed to cater to and benefit a diverse section of individuals who may harbor a penchant for the field of counseling and client therapy. However, there are certain specific sections of the society, who may especially be advantaged from this course. Amongst our larger target groups, we look forward to having people among the

  • Corporate Sector Professionals, who can then imbibe the teachings from these classes into the regular requirements of their professional life.
  • School Teachers, who will acquire a better understanding of the students’ psyche and help in gauging the child psychology better. This also plays a significant role in pedagogy.
  • Homemakers, who can make use of the inputs from the class to deal with teen counseling, marital disharmony, geriatric care within the ambit of their domestic life, for the well-being of their entire family. This course, being certified by the University of Calcutta facilitates a career path for these individuals.
  • Retired individuals, who are situated at the dusk of their lives, and often face a problem in withdrawing from the busy schedule of their professional lives and as a result, get subjected to undervaluation of their self-esteem, loneliness, anxieties over finance management, hopelessness. This course helps them to engage themselves in a productive activity and they can then use these skills for depression management by way of a surplus income as well as a way of social service.

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