About the Course

The title of the course is “Post Graduate Diploma in Course in Counselling [PGDCC]” and its duration is one academic year, i.e. January to December. It consists of three trimesters and the duration of each trimester is four months. Each trimester ends with written examinations, theoretical and practical assignments, field visits to courts of law, human and women’s right instructions, law school and law universities, leading civil society organizations, constituted and statutory bodies involved in varied women’s, juvenile and environmental justice endeavors, poster contests and role play assignment. Final assessment of academic performance and practical/co-curricular accomplishments are made on the basis of a cumulative clubbing of marks/rating/grades secured in the three trimesters.

Subjects to be taught

  • LAW
  • Venue/Class timing/Course Fee and other payables

    Classes will be held twice a week on Saturday (2pm-6.15pm) and Sundays (2pm-6.15pm) within the premises of Shri Shikshayatan, 11 Lord Sinha Road, Kolkata-700071. The Course fee is Rs. 30,000/-. Students intending to pay the entire amount at the time of admission will receive a reimbursement of 10% of the total fee whereas; students intending to make the payment through installments will not be entitled to any such reimbursement. The course fee will include tuition and examination charges along with necessary incidentals for three trimesters, expense covering the entire range of practical assignment and co-curricular activities as particularized in the section below and also several bunches of study materials and academic accessories. The course’s Brochure along with the Admission Form will have to be procured at a price of Rs. 500/- from LASWEB’s registration office at 10/1, Keyatala Lane (Ground Floor), Kolkata – 700029.

    Co-Curricular Activities Assignments

    The co-curricular activities and assignment will form an integral part of the course and will cover the following:

    1. Participation and organisation of immediately organised seminars/workshops/training programmes/symposia/sensitization and awareness programmes/debates and quizzes on issues and subjects covered in the course as well as considered relevant to the participant’s understanding of contemporary socio-political and economic developments pertaining to the theoretical and practical instructions offered through various course modules; [These assignments and activities will have to be undertaken individually or group-wise, depending upon the nature and extent of the initiative/work to be carried out]
    2. Participations in various district and Subdivision-level Aini Porisheba Sibirs [Legal Aid Camps] and Lok Adalats organized by the different wings and departments of LASWEB and their collaborators/associates;
    3. Role Plays and Poster Contests[These would be both individual as well as group assignment];

    N.B. Many of these integrally incorporated co-circular activities/assignments will be devised and organised under the supervision of the members of the course’s faculty .There will also be provisions for the participants’ own initiatives and more participatory and/or collaborative ventures wherein the participants and members of the faculty will handle assignments jointly. A substantial segment of these activities and assignments will be carried out as inter-region and inter-institution events/programmes.

    Contact email : laspgdiploma@gmail.com

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