We also run a Family Counselling Centre (FCC) at our Central Office which is regulated by the Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB). Our FCC has been playing a vital role in making amicable settlements in respect of family disputes relating to property, matrimonial matters, child custody, maintenance of parents etc. since 1992. The main objectives of our FCC are:

  • To provide professional services like crisis intervention, independent inquiry in dowry death cases and counselling in family maladjustment.
  • To make efforts for reconciliation in the cases of separation and out of the court settlement in marital cases.
  • To provide referral services like short stay homes, free legal aids, police assistance etc.
  • To make the counselling services available in short stay homes, remand homes, orphanages, drug de-addiction centres, Old age homes, shelter homes, prisons, schools for gifted children etc.
  • To educate and mobilize public opinion against social problems.
  • To educate and impart information regarding social welfare activities aided & undertaken by various governmental and non-governmental agencies for better coordination and services to the people.
  • To arrange for suitable rehabilitation services for the victims and their dependents.
  • To provide crisis intervention services to deal with any problem of the individual within the family or work place or in the community.

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